LP12 Modification Frenzy

The “LP12 Modification Frenzy” (LP12MF for short) is the project that got me started on this blog. It consists of a lengthy and detailed step-by-step evaluation of the effect of upgrades and modifications to the subchassis, top plate, bearing, subplatter, cartridge, tonearm, and drive system of my Linn LP12, as well as a systems for cleaning records. I’ll use this page to organize my many blog posts into a coherent narrative.

Setup articles

  • Beginning. My first post on the blog, in which I briefly preview the LP12MF
  • In My Room, in which I describe my office/listening room and provide an overview of all my associated equipment
  • The LP12 that I’m About to Dismember, which describes the story and the technical state of my LP12 in its pre-LP12MF state.
  • Test Tracks, Test Albums, in which I describe in significant detail all the records and songs I’ll be listening to in the course of the LP12MF


  • Summary of Effects. This is the page where I record brief, digestible, comparable reflections. It’s the most important single page to keep your eyes on.

Round Zero: Pre-Modification

  • Listening Test: Before any modifications, in which I provide a comparison of my pre-modification “Base” setup and my digital setup. In the early part of the post, I explain my comparative listening methodology.

Round One: Mober Subchassis

Round Two: Tiger Paw Khan Top Plate

Round Three: Audio Desk Vinyl Cleaner Pro

Round Four: Linn Lingo 4

  • Installing the Linn Lingo 4; or, Janinkess Reigns, in which I install Linn’s expensive-yet-janky “Akurate-level” power supply, whose noisy motor began to bother me shortly after installation (still not sure if it’s faulty or if all Lingo motors are noisy)
  • Listening Test: Linn Lingo 4, in which I find that the Lingo made no improvement in my system, and reflect on whether it makes sense to do a listening test with a motor you suspect isn’t working correctly.

Round Five: SSP12

  • Listening Test: SSP12, in which a cheap and easy-to-install inner platter makes my system sound much, much better, and thereby relieves much of the existential angst accumulated in the previous round.

Round Six: Dynavector XX-2 mkII

Round Seven: Linn Ekos 2 Tonearm and Kore Subchassis