Amazing Records That Sound Incredible: Yoshio Ohtomo Quartet, As a Child (Seven Seas, 1978)

An utterly joyous, exuberant record, one of my absolute all-time favourite jazz albums. Funky bass lines, catchy melodies, a wide variety of sounds and instruments but all in that register of pure bliss. One of my absolute favourite album covers too — no posing whatsoever, just a man in love with his family (note that his daughter appears on both the front AND back covers!). This is the only solo record Ohtomo ever put out — I bet that after putting out this unmatchable gem he decided to just… spend more time with his adorable family.

Sound quality is a superb 9/10 — King Records pressed this one, and it shows what they could do with the original tapes in their hands.

Here is a Discogs link to my copy.

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