Amazing Records That Sound Incredible: Scandinavian Suite by Bingo Miki (Three Blind Mice, 1977)

In an effort to come up with content for my beloved website that doesn’t take me full weekends to produce (!), I have decided to start an Instagram account and post short reviews of albums that (a) I love and (b) sound exceptionally good. It’s a hard sweet spot to hit — but I’ve got that records that manage the feat 🙂 I’m going to try reposting them here as individual posts — let me know what you think.

Big band Japanese jazz-funk from the late 70s — out of step with all trends past, present, and future, and yet adding up to something mind-blowing. It’s grandpa music mixed with the trippiest shit ever — bombastic, curmudgeonly, futuristic, experimental all at once. Particularly notable for the synth arrangements of a kind that would be polished into cheesiness by the mid 80s but here in their rough state present a joyous and slightly inaccurate image of the near future.

INSANE 10/10 sound quality courtesy of Japan’s most obsessive audiophile record label during that country’s audio golden age. Here is the Discogs link for my copy.

See my Instagram post here.

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