Amazing Records That Sound Incredible: Serge Gainsbourg and Jean-Claude Vannier, Cannabis soundtrack (Bagatelle, 1970)

Never has a title been more apt: this is my vote for the ultimate stoner album. The next year, Gainsbourg and Vannier would make the immortal Melody Nelson. This isn’t anywhere near that league as a work of art, but it’s exploding with good ideas worth pursuing later. Nearly impossible to pick just three excerpts, but I vote for the proto-Lynchian “I Want to Feel Crazy” (what a title!) as the best single track. “Arabique” is the stoner’s pick.

This 1970 Canadian pressing is WAY cheaper than the French original and it is a stone cold stunner in audio quality: 10/10! 

Discogs link to my copy.

My Instagram post (with audio) is here.

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